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  SilverSoft Talent 2017 - GST ready complete Accounting-Invoicing-Inventory System

A Complete Accounting, Inventory & Invoicing System. Very Fast & Easy To use. Balance Sheets, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss A/c, Cash Book, Bank Book, Interest Calculation, Depriciation, Bank Reconciliation, Ratio Analysis, Graphs, User Definable Invoice Formats, DOS & Windows Mode Printing, Godown, Batches, Forms, Salesman, Multi-Currencies, Cost Centres, User Definable Voucher Types, Stock Ledger, Stock List, Stock Valuation, Gross Profit, Sales-Purchase Registers and with many more Other Features..
Printing-Barcode Printing-Weighing Scale Attachment
Final Accounts :
Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss A/c : T-Type format, Verticle with Ledger and Group Details, Trial Balance, Receipt/Payment Statement.
Account Books:
Cash Book, Bank Book, Bank Reconciliation, Pay-In-Slip, Ledger Summary, Group Summary, Monthly Summary, Day Book, Daily Balances Cost Centre Details. Cheque Printing Facility,
Outstanding :
Receivables Payables, Aging Analysis, OverDue Interest Calculation Reminder Letters Payment Advice
Salesman :
Salesman wise Sale, Outstandings, Stock Reports
Registers :
Sales Register, Cash Sales Credit Sales, Purchase Register Cash Purchase Credit Purchase, Debit Note Register, Credit Note Register, Journal Register / Other Registers Cash Flow / Fund Flow
Vouchers : Sales Invoice Cash Sales, Credit Purchase, Cash Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Debit Note Credit Note, Journal, Contra, Quotation, Purchase Order Sales Order, Purchase Challan, Sales Challan, Stock Transfer from Godown, Memorandum and user Definable infinite Voucher Types Available with Format Designer Facility. Turn Over Summary
Bill Of Material :
Create unlimited recipes for the finished product. Find out exact costing and quantity to be produced from stock in hand.
Item Processing : Reducing Component Balance and Adding Component Balance Complete Inventory control, with Seperate Narration for each ledger. Numbering : Auto Manual None with Prefix & Suffix Facility Godowns
Products >: Batch System, Free Item Status, Group wise Stock, Company wise Stock, Units, Alternate Units, Minimum Stock Level Maximum Stock Level, Multi Sales Rates, Item wise VAT, Item wise Discount
Inventory :
Stock Ledger : Item wise, Group wise, Company wise, Monthly Summary, Daily Balances, Stock List etc. Stock Valuation : FIFO, LIFO, Price List, Average and Manual System. Inventory Books : Day Book, Item Daily Balances, Item Summary, Group Summary Company Summary. Stock Movement : Item wise Sales, Party wise Sales, Item wise Purchase, Party wise Purchase, Slow Moving Items - Fast Moving Items Graphical Presentation of Monthly stock Transactions Sales / Purchase Order : Item wise Sales / Purchase Order, Party wise Sales / Purchase Order with Pending Order Details and Adjusted Qty. Gross Profit : Item wise, Group wise, Company wise with FIFO, LIFO & Manual Rate Methods Renumbering facility for vouchers entered.
Printer Setup :
Deskjet, Inkjet, laser, Dot Matrix etc. Formula Calculation for Timber Merchants : Sq. Ft., Running Ft., Cubic Ft./Mtr, Format Designer, User Definable Password Protection Report Rights for users, Current Balance facility on a Single key. E-mail & Print Preview facility for Reports. On line Electronic Help Manual with Printing Facility.

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  SilverSoft Speed 6.35 - Speed Up Your System & Games (Freeware)

SilverSoft Speed is a software tool, which will increase your PC speed automatically and efficiently. Instead of purchasing advanced hardware for speed boost, SilverSoft Speed will give you the same results of advanced hardware without upgrading your system. It is based on �SilverOpti� technique developed by SilverSoft Corporation. After Installing Silversoft Speed, Programs will run faster, games will load and run quickly, 3D models, images will render at blazing speed, programmers can compile their big Exes in seconds, your Internet connection will become high-speed broadband connection, file Downloading, uploading speed will be increased. Mouse movement will be smoothen and your keystrokes will get very quick response from your PC. All this will be achieved without upgrading your hardware. SilverSoft Speed will do it for yourself automatically and without 'touching, interfering or harming your PC. �SilverSoft Speed� also stabilises your system by minimising system hanging problems. For more information, contact at

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  SilverSoft NetGlider 2.75 - The Simplest Internet Browser (Freeware)

SilverSoft NetGlider is a MultiLine, MultiTab, MultiPage Internet Browser with lots of new features. Its user friendly design makes Internet browsing very much simple. Maximum screen area is given to web pages instead of redundant buttons and search bars. You don�t have to customise this browser after installation. Just install it and start surfing instantly. Main Features of NetGlider are,
No Need to Customise this browser After Installation.
Extremely Simple and fast.
The new Auto refresh technology tries to load web pages faster, even in heavy network traffic conditions.
Auto Extraction of web site names from the links.
Auto completion of .com URLs.
The new Multipage Interface allows browsing of multiple web sites in one window.
The New Favourite Site Menu List contains more than 70 links on one page which helps you to find out web site names easily.
All the important features can be accessible by just one mouse click. No need to drill down through menus to just change textsize or fullscreen mode.
You can zoom in or zoom out in any web page.
You can just type number of your favourite web site in address bar instead of long URL to quickly open it.
Powerful Popup Blocker blocks almost all popup windows. It also maintains blocked popups list so that you can easily recover good popups while browsing.
Ability to suppress script errors and activex dialog boxex.
The new Resume Site feature helps you to browse any web site in multiple sessions.
You can recover any web site which you have closed accidentally by using deleted web site list.
By pressing F2, you can save USERNAME for any web site. SilverSoft NetGlider then automatically inserts username, next time you visit that site. (Note : Please Do Not save your passwords by using F2 key.)
Ability to open, print, save any web page. You can also send web page link by email. Also provides easy access to Windows features such as Control Panel, Startup Programs, Registry Editor, Calculator, Volume Control etc.
You can attach any Desktop Dictionary Software to SilverSoft NetGlider. After Attaching, just press Alt+Click to check the definition of the word within this browser.
You can define & replace Background Color of any Web Page.
You can easily import IE bookmarks into NetGlider�s Favourite List.
Can clear all the traces from hard disk to maintain your security.

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  SilverSoft Fontastic 2007 - Create Keyboard Layouts For ANY Language

SilverSoft Fontastic helps you to blend your own language font with your computer's keyboard. Just install your language font and start defining unlimited keyboard layouts for your language. You can use SilverSoft Fontastic to define keyboard layouts for font of any language of the world. SilverSoft Fontastic supports any windows based file editor and works in the background to assist you while typing in your language font. You have to just select the keyboard layout from the list and set it as your default keyboard layout for the current working session. You can also view keyboard layout in any application while working.

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  SilverSoft EagleEye 2.2 - The Simplest And Fastest Image Viewer

SilverSoft EagleEye is an advanced image browser for exploring your photo albums, movies, MP3 files, image files etc. The simplest user interface ever designed helps novice as well as advanced users to extract maximum from their graphics data according to their requirements. SilverSoft EagleEye is Extremely fast in operations and never slows down your system while browsing the huge image data. While designing this powerful utility, we have derived following path which will help you to understand this software. Basic system contains �Drives-Folders-Image Files� functionality, which has been arranged on the edges of letter �L�. Annoying double-click mechanism has been replaced with easy and fast, single-click operation. Now just single click on any option of SilverSoft EagleEye while browsing. SilverSoft EagleEye supports all major image, media file formats such as .BMP .GIF .JPG .ICO .AVI .MPG .CUR .WMF .EMF .DAT .MP3 .WAV .M3U. With SilverSoft EagleEye you can also make the slide shows, Flip, Zoom the images, pick color from images(RGB Value), copy image files to clipboard, set as a wallpaper in normal, zoomed or flipped mode. Move, copy image files between folders, delete them or rename them in batches or find them from your huge harddisk data within seconds. You can also generate and play PlayList Files(M3U) to your default media player by using SilverSoft EagleEye.

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